Moving | Nashville


Moving from California to Tennessee felt like a long haul but I made it. I lived all of my life 23 years in a town called Bakersfield. Bakersfield is small, farming, quiet town, where people know everyone. My passion for music grew in this small town from country music that had came out of Bakersfield. I was always drawn to a place we have called The Buck Owen's Crystal Palace. When i was in high school I got my first performances there and from then my love for music took off, took me to a place miles and miles away from everything I knew leading me to Nashville. Nashville is like no place I've ever been, the first time I stepped foot off of the plane at 19 I had a feeling stir in my whole heart, body, and soul that i needed to be here. I packed up all of my clothes, jewelry, and shoes and got a one way ticket to Tennessee. I then found an apartment and a year and a half later the rest is history, Nashville is my home.

Whitney Wattenbarger