25 | Nashville

 Turning 25 made me nervous. A few months ago November 27th i turned 25 i had a lot of emotions that whole month. Twenty five had always been a number to me where i need to have all things figured out in my life because this is it this is mid-twenties, looking back at how i thought makes me even more grateful for this time in my life for maturity and self awareness. Super excited where life is going to take me this year a lot has been accomplished and there is still a lot to be done. That week i had finally gone home from what seemed like years with my boyfriend to meet my whole family. We had many celebrations that thanksgiving week and so much fun meeting family and friends from my home town. We headed back to Nashville a day before my birthday to celebrate with friends here. We went to Del Friscos in Brentwood with a few close friends. We had an amazing dinner with some drinks, rose gold balloons were brought along with a music note cake; vanilla and buttercream frosting my favorite! Excited for this fresh new year and cheers to being 25!

I have had some pretty amazing birthday dresses. For some reason I've always been obsessed to go all out on my birthday from getting a perfect dress, hair and makeup done, and of course finding right shoes. This is one of my favorite dresses I've worn, so cute with a blush color ruffle detail. This dress is from shop hopes online, i ordered it hoping it would fit and it did perfectly. My shoes are Betsey Johnson online. These shoes are so comfy with a peep toe and peep heal with  lace up ruffle detail. I got a ton of compliments on these ones. I have to say i was comfy all night and most of the time thats not the case. 

Cant wait to see what this year holds for me! 

Whitney Wattenbarger